Does Sex Loosen My Vagina?

Does sex loosen your vagina over time? Listen to what Dr. Rejuvenation has to say about this and what she thinks can help you out!


Hi, I'm Dr. Aimee Lynn, also known as dr. Rejuvenation. A very common question that I get asked is, "Does frequent sex permanently stretch out the vagina?" The good news is, no.

So, the vagina is kind of, like an accordion. Those muscles will relax, but they will also retract and contract back to its normal state after sex. It's kind of, like if I was to pull the corners of my mouth, as soon as I release it's going to bounce back. Same idea with the vagina.

Now, as we age the vagina can stretch and loosen, just with a loss of collagen as we age, also with vaginal child birth. You can imagine by delivering a child vaginally it can stretch out the vagina to some degree, but there are both non-surgical and surgical ways to tighten up the vagina if you suffer from a little bit more looseness than you like.

But the good news is, is that having frequent sex does not permanently stretch out the vagina.