How to Increase Orgasms During Sex

When stimulated, the Grafenberg spot (also known as the G-spot) in the vagina can provide a powerful sexual climax for a woman. The G-SHOT injection (also known as the G-Spot Amplification™ or GSA™) is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is administered by a physician. It is made up of a filler material that temporarily enlarges the G-Spot to enhance sexual gratification. After receiving the injection, the G-spot becomes easier to identify and stimulate. Dr. Aimee Nguyen is a cosmetic surgeon in Frisco, TX (also serving Plano, Allen & McKinney), who specializes in cosmetic vaginal surgery and can help patients achieve more pleasure with the G-SHOT vaginal rejuvenation injection.


A common topic that I get asked is, "How do I increase orgasms during sex?" Well, most women achieve orgasms through two different sites. One is through clitoral stimulation, which is most common for most women, and the other is through your G-spot. The G-spot is an erotic zone that's found about a third of their way up on the top wall of the vagina, that when stimulated can result in orgasm, so we can actually enhance these areas with shots that are done here in the office.

You could have a G-shot. G-shot is composed of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that's found in our body. We use that substance for fillers in the face. You can actually use it as a filler inside the vagina, so we inject that directly into the G-spot, and it amplifies this area to make it easier for stimulation and arousal and orgasm. The other rejuvenation shot that we offer is with the use of PRP, so we can draw your blood and take up plasma rich platelets, and inject it in the clitoral area as well as at the G-spot to help with increased blood flow, it makes the area more sensitive, easier, again, for stimulation, arousal, and orgasm.

The difference in the two, I find that we have good success with both. What's nice about the rejuvenation shot is that we do find that sometimes that clitoral area that can be injected with your own blood results in even better, intense results, so more frequent orgasms, more intense orgasms. Definitely much more gratifying. Results can on average last for about six months, done in the office, no pain, no anesthesia, no downtime.