How To Become A VIRGIN Again - Hymenoplasty

(VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED - MUST BE 18+ YEARS OLD TO VIEW) The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers a woman’s vaginal opening. It is widely believed that the hymen only breaks when a woman first has sexual intercourse, but the hymen may be disrupted by tampons, certain sports, or a woman may naturally have no hymen. For patients who want their hymen restored for cultural or personal reasons, Dr. Aimee Nguyen, a cosmetic vaginal surgeon serving Frisco, Plano, Allen & McKinney, can perform a hymenoplasty. A hymenoplasty, or hymen reconstruction surgery, will repair the torn edges of the membrane so the hymen will rupture and bleed during the next penetration.


To review anatomy, vaginal opening is here. In our Labia, what we call the Labia Minora here, clitoris sits up here, and then the outer labia, what we call the labia majora are here and here. We're going to be doing a Hymenoplasty. This is the procedure that's often done for cultural or religious reasons. Hymenal tissue is a thin membrane of tissue that covers the vaginal opening when we're born. You can see how the hymen has been penetrated here, which can happen with intercourse, penetration with tampons, or even vigorous exercise. This tissue is what we're going to be re-approximating here. So when we're born, this tissue is one sheet of tissue. We want to leave a little bit of an opening so there's a place for the excretion of blood during her period, but this is the hymenal tissue that we're going to be putting back together for her.

We're going to start creating our flaps for tissue here. We've removed the part of the hymenal tissue here, kind of like in a U shape fashion. I do this differently depending on what kind of tissue remnants they have, but now we can start to, since I've got a good blood supply, I can start to put the tissues back together. If I don't have a good blood supply, then this will just all come apart. We're closing up our second layer of tissue. The sutures will actually dissolve on their own, and then I like to typically see her two weeks after surgery to make sure it's healing nicely.

Recovery for this type of procedure, I usually just say two or three days off work or school. Some patients go back to work the very next day. We're all done with the Hymenoplasty, so we've put the hymenal tissue back together for her. All these sutures, like I said, will dissolve on their own. She'll heal beautifully. Postop instructions, I usually say six weeks, no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. Allow the tissue here to heal nicely. This tissue here is quite thin and delicate, so it has to be handled really delicately, but she'll do great.