The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers a woman’s vaginal opening. It is widely believed that the hymen only breaks when a woman first has sexual intercourse, but the hymen may be disrupted by tampons, certain sports, or a woman may naturally have no hymen. For patients who want their hymen restored for cultural or personal reasons, Dr. Aimee Nguyen, a cosmetic vaginal surgeon serving Frisco, Plano, Allen & McKinney, can perform a hymenoplasty. A hymenoplasty, or hymen reconstruction surgery, will repair the torn edges of the membrane so the hymen will rupture and bleed during the next penetration.


Hi. I'm Dr. Aimee Nguyen. I'm a board certified urogynecologist and cosmetic vaginal surgeon here in Dallas, Texas. Today, we're going to be talking about a hymenoplasty. A hymenoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure that allows us to bring the broken edges of the hymen back together to make the hymen appear virginal again. It's oftentimes done for cultural reasons. It's done as an outpatient procedure. Usually takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Patients usually take one to two days off of work, but we ask that you refrain from having intercourse for four to six weeks. Patients do well with relatively little pain and have been very satisfied with the results. If you would like to learn more about a hymenoplasty, please log on to our website at www.vaginalmakeoverdallas.com. Again, I'm Dr. Aimee Nguyen. Thanks for listening.