DescriptionMany women are uncomfortable with their enlarged labia minora (the inner lips that surround the vaginal opening) and labia majora (the outer lips), which can lead to self-consciousness and discomfort while wearing clothing, exercising, or having sex. A labiaplasty may involve sculpting down the labia minora, the labia majora, or both. Dr. Aimee Nguyen, a cosmetic vaginal surgeon in Frisco, TX (also serving Plano, Allen & McKinney), specializes in cosmetic vaginal surgery and offers labiaplasty, which produces natural looking results. Dr. Nguyen has performed countless labiaplasties, creating an aesthetically appealing outcome and a normal look and feel.


Hi, I'm Dr. Aimee Nguyen, also known as Dr. Rejuvenation. Today we're going to be talking about vaginal anatomy 101. So this is my beautiful model of the vagina. So vaginal opening would be centrally here. The inner lips of the labia, what we call the labia minora are actually here. Outer lips of the labia called the labia majora on either side. Then where the inner lips of the labia meet on top is actually where the clitoral region is. So the clitoris actually sits up here. This area's important for stimulation and arousal and orgasm. So today we're also going to be talking about doing a labiaplasty. So women come to see me of all ages bothered by the size of either the inner lips of the labia called the labia minora or the outer lips of the labia called the labia majora.

All considered normal anatomy, but some of us are actually born with larger lips than others where it may get in the way. So in this particular case, this model demonstrates how she's bothered by how the inner lips of a labia are quite large and she's bothered by the fact that it hangs out beyond the outer labia. So when she's wearing tighter fitting clothes or she's exercising or wearing a bathing suit, she feels all this extra bulk here. Sometimes she may even have to adjust the lips of the labia during sex, which is uncomfortable, just gets in the way. So in these cases we can actually do a labiaplasty of the minora and we can sculpt down the size of these inner lips to reduce them and make it neat and nice and tucked in and give it a more tidy, streamlined look.

So one of the common techniques that can be done for a labiaplasty is what we call a wedge technique. I'm using scissors for demonstration purposes, but actually this is not the type of instrument that I use during surgery. I use actually very similar to a laser, but a much more precise cutting instrument, but for demonstration purposes we'll use a scissor. So what you would do is, and that technique, what we're doing is we're removing a wedge of tissue and then we take those edges and then we sew those edges together. Hard to demonstrate on this particular model, but what ends up happening is by sewing those edges together, it reduces the size of the labia and therefore will result in a much more tucked in look. So now I don't have all that excess inner labia.

The other way of doing it would be doing a trim technique. So in that particular type of technique, what we're doing is we're removing all that excess skin. Again, I'm using scissors for demonstration purposes, but that's not the type of instrument I would use during surgery. We remove the excess skin there. So after a labiaplasty, the end result will look very similar to this. So now you can appreciate opening the vagina still centrally inner lips of the labia, outer lips of the labia, and then the clitoris again would sit up here. So now you don't have all that extra skin that's kind of flapping in the wind, much more neat, tight, tucked in, and tidy.

We can also do a labiaplasty of the majora, which is a labiaplasty of the outer lips of the labia. So, some women come to see me because as we age we lose collagen and those outer lips of the labia can become deflated and sag and droop. So with the labiaplasty of the majora, what we're doing is removing the excess skin and fat to the outer lips of the labia to make it nice and flat and flush with the inner lips of the labia. We can also do tightening of the outer lip of the labia noninvasively, does not involve surgery. There are lasers that we actually do in the office that can stimulate collagen production to help tighten and plump up those outer labia without the need for surgery. Downside is that it's not permanent, but the plus side is you get to avoid surgery.

Many women of all ages are bothered by how their vagina looks and feels. It can affect their self esteem and confidence. It's oftentimes a really difficult or embarrassing subject to talk about, or even a taboo topic to talk about, but it doesn't need to be. So feel free to come in and schedule a consultation with us.