A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs anywhere along the urinary tract, which includes the bladder, kidneys, ureters (the tubes that take urine from the kidneys to the bladder), and urethra (the tube that empties urine from the bladder). For some women, urinary tract infections can bring uncomfortable symptoms lasting days at a time, and may be a recurrent problem indicating the risk of more serious infections. If you've had more than two UTIs in one year, we encourage you to consult with Frisco, TX (and surrounding areas Plano, Allen & McKinney) urogynecologist, Dr. Aimee Nguyen. A thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment plan will be provided so that your gynecological health can be restored. SYMPTOMS: UTIs have a range of symptoms including: •Frequent urge to urinate •The inability to urinate despite the urge •Pain during urination •Cloudy urine, or blood in the urine •Pelvic pressure •Severe pelvic cramping and bloating •Low grade fever CAUSES: Several causes exist for UTIs including: •Genetic predisposal •Sexual activity •Foreign body in the urinary tract such as a kidney or bladder stone •Pelvic organ prolapse TREATMENT: Urinary tract infections are usually treated with antibiotics. Recurrent UTIs are usually treated with a long-term, preventative low dose of antibiotics. Vaginal estrogen therapy may also be used to prevent UTIs in post-menopausal women. Other steps can be taken by patients to prevent recurrent UTIs, including: •Consistent hydration •Urinating before and after sexual intercourse •Avoiding the use of diaphragms and spermicides •Avoiding the use of feminine sprays, douches, or powders Give us a call to help you with your symptoms! 469.234.8888 - Dr. Rejuvenation


Hi. I'm Dr. Aimee Nguyen, also known as Dr. Rejuvenation.

A common issue that arises for women of all ages is recurrent UTIs after sex. Believe it or not, it's a very common problem, and what I usually say is, "Pee before sex, pee after sex." I sometimes suggest getting in the tub and opening up the lips to the labia and just flushing some warm water at the surface, just to kind of cleanse away any bacteria that's on the surface can oftentimes help. The other thing that I think that's really important is anytime you are feeling symptoms of a bladder infection, i.e., the burning with urination, the urgency and frequency, I think bladder diet is really important. You want to avoid anything acidic or caffeinated or a spicy because it can contribute to more inflammation inside your bladder.

So, it's kind of like if you fell and you scraped her knee and you try to clean it off with some alcohol, it would burn, when you're starting to have those early signs of a bladder infection, if you're drinking alcohol and flooding it with cranberry juice and anything acidic or caffeinated or spicy, it will just create more inflammation and make your symptoms worse. And so I often suggest just drinking water and a very bland diet because believe it or not, 15% of the time, your body will be able to clear the infection on its own without the need for antibiotics. There are also cranberry supplements that you can take preventatively to try to prevent bladder infections, but what I would say is if you're getting recurrent bladder infections and conservative measures haven't been helping you, then certainly follow up with your doctor because there are more aggressive ways that we can try to prevent them.