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Vaginoplasty Overview

A vaginoplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation, can benefit women who have a stretched vagina, naturally large vaginal diameter, vaginal stretching caused by age, or a vagina that has been loosened by childbirth. A vaginal rejuvenation tightens and restores the vaginal area to increase sexual satisfaction for both a woman and her partner. Dr. Aimee Nguyen, a cosmetic vaginal surgeon serving the Frisco, Plano, Allen & McKinney areas, who specializes in cosmetic vaginal surgery, can help refresh the way you look and feel with vaginal rejuvenation. For many women, this surgery restores their sexuality and provides an improvement in self-confidence in the bedroom.

Surgical Technique

In the initial consultation, Dr. Nguyen will determine if you are a suitable candidate for vaginal rejuvenation by taking a full medical history and assessing the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor. Please inform Dr. Nguyen about any urological or sexual problems. A vaginoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 1-2 hours to perform. It is typically completed as an outpatient surgery, but some patients may need an overnight stay in the hospital. During a vaginoplasty, a section of the vaginal lying will be removed and then the muscles are moved to make the inner and outer sections of the vagina tighter.


Patients are usually able to return to work 5-7 days after the procedure. The sutures will dissolve after approximately 6 weeks after the procedure. Until the sutures have dissolved, heavy lifting, exercise, and sexual activity should be avoided. 

What to Expect

After vaginal rejuvenation surgery, patients will have a much tighter vaginal area and increased friction during sexual intercourse. Scientific studies have shown that 83% to 90% of patients consider their surgery successful and their sex life improved after vaginal rejuvenation.

Estimated Cost

Vaginoplasty fees start at $10,500 which includes the surgery, anesthesia, facility fee, and all pre- and post-operative appointments.  **Price depends all on tissue that needs to be removed, anesthesia(by the hour) and how long the surgery will take**

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Vaginoplasty FAQs

No Children?

While most candidates seek vaginal rejuvenation after childbirth, vaginoplasty may be performed on women who have not had children. For permanent results, all women who have a vaginoplasty should not be planning any more pregnancies. Having children after the procedure will change the final results of the vaginoplasty.

Combining Procedures?

We offer a wide variety of services that can be done at the same time as your vaginoplasty, including the complete mommy makeover. A labiaplasty and vaginoplasty rejuvenation can be done at the same time for a discounted fee of $14,000 - 18,500 for both. Dr. Nguyen will be happy to answer all of your questions during your initial consult.  **Price depends all on tissue that needs to be removed, anesthesia(by the hour) and how long the surgery will take**


In less than 1% of vaginoplasties, complications can occur, such as temporary bleeding, infection, and wound reopening. Dr. Nguyen takes care to minimize all risks, but please share any concerns you have with Dr. Nguyen both before and after the surgery.

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